Self-Publishing, Hybrid, or Traditional?

One of my services as an editor is to help authors decide what to do with the manuscript once it’s finished. Your choices are self-publishing, working with a hybrid publisher, or going for that coveted contract with a traditional publisher. The answer lies in a few decisions you have to make as an author.

  1. What is your goal for this book? Did you write it to give out to friends and family? Do you see it as a resource for many people? Are you unsure?
  2. How serious are you about building a platform with social media, blogging or vlogging, podcasting, writing articles, speaking, and so forth?
  3. How long can you wait until it’s in the final book form? Months? Years?
  4. What is your budget? Can you afford to do a quality self-published book? Can you afford to work with other professionals to help you with this process?

Do your homework and seek to understand the differences between these three types of publishing. I’m happy to help you!

Jane Friedman has three great articles regarding each of these:




7 Useful Tips When Going to a Writer’s Conference

This is a great article if you are considering going to a writer’s conference. They can be really helpful or overwhelming, depending on your reason for going and your level of preparedness. I went to one just to see what it was like and it changed the trajectory of my life—seriously!

Just do a search for “Christian Writer’s Conferences (and the year)” and decide to go! It’ll be worth it just to meet other authors and professionals in the publishing industry. This will also be the place where you can meet agents and publishers to directly query your book. Many, many agents and publishers don’t take queries or manuscript submissions unless it is through a writer’s conference.