How Much Should You Pay Your Editor?

Like lawyers, consultants, and other professionals in their field, editors are professionals in the field of writing and publishing. How can you know if your editor is charging too much or if you are getting a great deal? It depends! How many years of experience does your editor have? Have they worked in or for publishing houses? What type of editing are they doing for you? Are they professionals, as in do they make a living editing, or is proofreading a side job or hobby? If you’re interested in knowing the industry standard for professional copyeditors, here’s a great resource for you:

Copyright Help

The author (or publisher) is responsible for obtaining a copyright for their work (not the editor). You don’t have to file for a copyright with the Copyright Office, but I recommend you do. Technically, your work is protected once you create it. But if it were to get stolen or pirated, your only recourse would be through the Copyright registration process.

Here is a website to access information and fees from the Copyright Office: