I am only one editor. While I strive to do perfect work and find all mistakes, clients need to realize that in most publishing houses, manuscripts pass through the hands of four or five editors. This human process has many layers and requires several sets of eyes to ensure a manuscript is “perfect.” The simple fact is that I cannot replace a staff of editors, but I will work hard and do my best, often reading your manuscript 5-7 times before completion.

Also, keep in mind that proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing are all different services. Copyediting is not intended to be a catch-all for every error. That’s what proofreading, the final stage, is for. Even in publishing houses, errors are often found in the proofreading stage, even after several stages of copyediting. Finding an occasional mistake at this stage is not unusual. Clients should expect to read their material again after I am finished. If a mistake is made, please kindly draw my attention to it. I like to say, “The more eyes, the better.”

Thank you!