Editing Services

I specialize in nonfiction manuscripts, self-publishing, and book production. I offer multiple levels of editing services depending on what your manuscript needs—content editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. I also offer additional author services, such as author coaching, critiquing, writing conference prep, and book proposal/query letter coaching, in addition to full-service, self-publishing book production.


This is the simplest service and is usually done as a final run-through before the piece goes to print. I check for:

  • Typos
  • Extra spaces
  • Consistency in numbering
  • Consistency in font and font size
  • Incorrect word breaks (hyphenation)
  • Widows and orphans
  • Headers and footers
  • Table of Contents
  • Page numbering
  • Use of single and double quotation marks
  • Consistency of bolds, capitalization, italics, and spacing

Line Editing & Copyediting

This involves suggesting ways to make the copy flow and read better to the reader. I work with the author on things like sentence construction, grammar, syntax, and general language usage. I check for:

  • Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar
  • Noun/pronoun and subject/verb agreement
  • Parallel construction
  • Word usage
  • Consistency of style
  • Flagging statements that are unclear or seem incorrect
  • Passive voice
  • Confirming Bible verses and versions
  • Wordiness
  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Front matter and back matter guidance
  • Back cover copy
Note: I typically use the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) or Christian Writer’s Manual of Style (CWMS). For more information, check my resource page.

Content Editing

This involves evaluating the piece as a whole to make sure the manuscript communicates the intended message to the audience. This service applies more to the first draft of a manuscript – the first pass-through to evaluate what needs to be done. The end result is a final draft that flows smoothly, communicates what the author intends to say, and is ready to be professionally line/copy edited and proofread. I begin with the whole piece, then look at the flow between chapters, paragraphs, and sentences. In general, I answer the questions:

  • Are the ideas clear?
  • Does the author make the intended points?
  • Do the thoughts flow in a logical, organized way?
  • Are the transitions smooth between sections, chapters, paragraphs, and sentences?
  • Are the topical sentences correct in relation to the content of the paragraph?
  • Is the tone and writing quality consistent?
  • Do the facts check out?
  • Will the reader connect with what the author is trying to communicate?

Other Author Services

Author Coaching

With this service, we will work side by side to develop and improve your manuscript. This service is perfect for the author who has the ideas written down or maybe a rough first draft but needs accountability and a coach to finish the draft in preparation for the editing stage.


I will evaluate your manuscript and provide you with a 10+ page editorial letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses, what to work on, and tips to make the work even better for your readers. Once you’ve had a chance to review the editorial letter, we will schedule a 1-hour phone or video call to review everything and develop a plan for moving forward. This service may lead to additional author coaching or developing a draft ready for line editing.

Writing Conference Prep

I always recommend attending a writer’s conference to get your writing career off the ground. Writer’s conferences are the places where agents and publishing editors are looking for authors like you. I can help by making recommendations about which conferences to attend and preparing you with what you’ll need to be successful there—one sheet, book proposal, sample chapters, and more.

Book Proposals & Query Letters

This service includes a review of a prepared book proposal or query letter. I will guide and coach you to make sure it meets the publisher’s or agent’s expectations and will fully edit and proofread it, so it’s ready for submission.

Self-publishing Book Production

For many authors, the traditional publishing route is not as appealing for various reasons. Maybe you don’t want to wait so long to get your book out there; maybe you don’t have the author platform that agents and publishers look for when they consider which projects to work on.

Thankfully, there are more options for aspiring authors, and I can help. Using my team of book cover and formatting designers, we can take your book from a final copyedited manuscript and turn it into a self-published print and ebook within weeks or months instead of years. Let’s talk about your publishing goals and the associated costs, risks, requirements, and timing of self-publishing.


After ten years of editing and running my own business, I’ve found that charging a flat rate for my services, regardless of the task, works best. My hourly rate is $70, and I invoice every ten hours. I typically consult with prospective clients at no charge in order to learn about the proposed project and to discover if we are a good fit to begin working together. I’m happy to provide a sample edit of a few pages as well. Since every writing project is different and every author has different goals, contact me to determine what your manuscript needs are. I’ll respond quickly, I promise.