The Church: Helping or Hurting?

Let me turn your attention to a very helpful, practical book for pastors, laypersons, caregivers, really anyone wanting to understand the addicted brain and how to effectively help wounded people heal. Michael Dye is a renowned recovery specialist from this area and is one of my editing clients. I learned a lot in this book and can’t recommend it highly enough. A must read for people who want to help others heal.



The Church: Helping or Hurting?

By Michael Dye, CADC, NCACII

Making Individuals and Churches Safe and Effective for Helping Wounded People Heal

Why do people do the very things they don’t want to do? Why are we seemingly the only creatures in the observable universe that will continue to do a self-destructive behavior in spite of the consequences?

We continue to overeat, overwork, over-drink and drug, over-stress and over-sex ourselves, even to the point of death, and not stop. As human beings, we want to change self-destructive behaviors, so why aren’t we able to? The answers to these mysteries lie in the understanding of the heart in both the Bible and the brain.

For the first time in history we know “what is broken” and “why we do the very things we don’t want to do.” This book is about how to apply this knowledge to help people and churches be safe and effective at helping wounded people heal. Wounded people are also often addicted people. With the epidemic of destructive coping behaviors plaguing our society, who but the church has the resources to stem this tide? It takes two things to make a person or agency safe for wounded people to seek help: grace and competency. This book shows us how in practical, effective ways.

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