I offer various levels of writing and editing expertise for every budget.

General Editing Services

Editing services for nonfiction and fiction manuscripts, e-books, and website/marketing copy. I offer three levels of service with varying degrees of involvement—proofreading, line editing, and content (substantive) editing. I also offer additional writing services for authors, including collaboration projects, fact-checking, and book proposals/query letters.


This is the simplest service and is usually done as a final run through before the piece goes to print. I check for:

  • Typos
  • Extra spaces
  • Consistency in numbering
  • Consistency in font and font size
  • Incorrect word breaks (hyphenation)
  • Widows and orphans
  • Headers and footers
  • Table of Contents
  • Page numbering
  • Use of single and double quotation marks
  • Consistency of bolds, capitalization, italics, and spacing

Line & Copyediting

This involves making the text correct and readable on several levels. I suggest ways to make the copy read better and work with the author on things like general sentence construction, grammar, syntax, and general language usage. I check for:

  • Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and grammar
  • Noun/pronoun and subject/verb agreement
  • Parallel construction
  • Word usage
  • Consistency of style
  • Flagging statements that are unclear or seem incorrect
  • Passive voice
  • Fact checking source materials, Bible verses, etc.
  • Wordiness
  • Sentence and paragraph length
Note: Writing style and message communication is not addressed at this level. Also, I typically work under the Chicago Manual of Style or CMOS. For more information, check my resource page.

Content/Substantive Editing

This involves evaluating the piece as a whole regarding how it communicates the intended message. This service is more all-inclusive as it includes line editing and proofreading services in the fee, the end result being a piece of work that flows smoothly, communicates what the author intends to say, and is professionally proofread and edited. I begin with the whole piece, then look at the flow between chapters, paragraphs, and sentences. In general, I answer the questions:

  • Are the ideas clear?
  • Does the author make the intended points?
  • Do the thoughts flow in a logical, organized way?
  • Are the transitions smooth between sections, chapters, paragraphs, and sentences?
  • Are the topical sentences correct in relation to the content of the paragraph?
  • Is the tone and writing quality consistent?
  • Do the facts check out?
  • Will the reader connect with what the author is trying to communicate?

Writing Services

Marketing/Web/Blog copy

Services include working with the company or author to write, post, or manage marketing process and material development. Rate: $55/hr

Book Proposals & Query Letters
Service includes either a review of an already written book proposal or query letter at one of the three service levels, or the development of an original book proposal.
Rate: $30 an hour, with a 2-hr minimum.


Rates depend on several factors, including the scope, timing, and condition of the written piece when it arrives in my inbox. Though I do subscribe to the industry standard rates, I realize that not every client can swing it in their budget to pay those rates. I’m willing to work with you so that both of us can feel good about it, so let’s talk. I typically consult with clients for the first hour with no charge in order to learn about the proposed project and to discover if we are a good fit to begin working together. Since every writing project is different, the best way to determine the rates for your editing needs is to just contact me. I’ll respond quickly, I promise. You can email me at mail.jennifer.edwards@gmail.com.

How to Get Started

For manuscripts, it tends to work best when I can see 5-10 sample pages of your work or a whole chapter to get a better understanding of what needs to be done before I finalize my estimate. Once the estimate is accepted, a deposit of 50% is required to initiate the project; once received and cleared, I will begin work. Please note that I can’t begin until the funds have cleared my bank. I can take a personal check or bill you using PayPal.

FYI: Typical Industry Editing Rates

Proofread: $7 per page

Line/Copy edit: $30-60/hr (5-10 ms pg/hr) depending on the quality of the writing

Content (Substantive) editing: $40-60/hr (1-6 ms pg/hr) depending on the condition of  the manuscript.

Industry Writing Rates

Book Proposals: $30/hr (30-40 pages, up to 25 hours)

Query Letters: $30/hour (up to 5 hours)